Electric Vehicle

Electric vehicles at home

Drive the future – with an electric car you’ll not only have a fun, smooth, quiet drive, you’ll also save a huge amount on running costs – equivalent to paying 30 cents a litre for fuel! And because EVs run on New Zealand’s 80% renewable electricity, rather than imported oil, you’ll be helping the environment too through reduced carbon emissions.

Find out more about EVs at home at EECA Energywise.

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Electric vehicles in your business

If you want to stay ahead in business, its time to go electric. Reduce the running costs of your business vehicles and reduce your carbon emissions from transport by 80%. You’ll be filling your vehicles with locally produced, 80% renewable electricity rather than imported oil, and giving your fleet drivers a car that is enjoyable to drive.

Find out more about EVs in fleets, and use the total cost of ownership tool at EECA Business.

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People love their EVs.  If you’ve ever driven one, you’ll know why – you can’t help smiling at the smooth ride, the instant acceleration and the silence of an electric motor. 

Driving an EV is a lot like driving any other car – but also a lot more fun.

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With only around 20 moving parts, compared to around 2,000 for a petrol or diesel powered car, there isn’t a lot to maintain in an EV. There’s no oil to change, no spark plugs to replace, and no gearbox to service - just a simple electric motor, tyres, brakes and wiper blades!

Charging up your vehicle is as easy as plugging in overnight at home, or if you’re out and about you can do a fast charge at one of the many charging stations appearing all over New Zealand; at shopping malls, supermarkets, airports and even petrol stations.

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Good for New Zealand

We're lucky that more than 80% of our electricity comes from renewable sources, such as hydro lakes and wind turbines which produce no carbon emissions. So when you drive an EV in New Zealand you fill your car with locally produced, mostly renewable electricity, rather than imported fossil fuel.  EVs also have no exhaust fumes and no engine noise. Doing good for the environment was never this easy. Or this fun.

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