EV experiences snapped up by hundreds

831 more New Zealanders experienced first-hand the joys of EVs during the recent Leading the Charge road trip.

A core group of 7 EVs joined the full trip, with others coming and going as the convoy travelled from Bluff to Cape Reinga. Vehicles including Teslas, Hyundai IONIQ and a next generation Nissan Leaf were available for public test drives and rides at dozens of events.

This was second road trip supported by EECA, made successful by the goodwill and enthusiasm of EV-owning volunteers from the Better New Zealand Trust (BNZT).

It brings the total number of rides and drives provided by BNZT so far this financial year to more than 4,000.

EECA’s CE Andrew Caseley, who's tried a number of different EVs, says only way to really understand them is to get behind the steering wheel. “The commitment and enthusiasm of these volunteers is outstanding. They’re out there, welcoming dozens of strangers to have a go in their private vehicles – you can’t underestimate the impact this is having on public awareness.”

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